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Day 4: Get Feedback On Everything You Share

1. Collaborate with others


Once you have few team members added to your project, you can simply start collaborating with your project team. This can mean sharing your ideas on the Activity Stream using the Status or Groups module and getting feedback from your team. As you do this you don't have to worry about organizing information, Builderbox will do that for you.

Click here to learn how to share Status from the Activity Stream

Click here to learn how to start discussion using Groups


2. Add comments

@mentions are a great way to call someone’s attention to a specific message on Builderbox. Use @mentions to drive someone's attention to an issue or a document. Make sure your team members see the comments or questions by tagging them with an @ sign in front of their names.






Try adding @ and # when you post your status or start a discussion from Activity Stream. You can mention people in your comments or questions and they will get notified right away.


3. Add followers to one of the Job Walk items and keep your team on task

If you have't already, add a new Job Walk item by going to Job Walk page. You can also add a new Job Walk item by posting it from the Activity Stream.

Once a Job Walk item is posted, you can add followers to the Job Walk Item. By adding yourself or others to the Followers you can make sure that you or anyone else doesn't drop the ball on the next steps.




Your project team can also Follow and Unfollow different items. Following an item helps team members stay up to date on their action item.

For example, if a team member is following a Job Walk Item, she will receive a notification whenever there is a comment posted on that Job Walk Item or whenever someone marks the status of this item as Done.

Click here to learn how to add new Job Walk items

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