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Day 5: Access Builderbox Anywhere, Anytime

Let's show you how to use Builderbox Field Apps to access Builderbox anywhere, anytime and save time.

Does this sound familiar to you? - You are out in the field, jotting down notes and observations on a piece of paper, clicking pictures using your digital camera or phone and finally you go to your office computer and use those notes, observations and photos to put together a report that you eventually email out to others who need to fix things. If your answer is yes, you might as well put Builderbox App in your mobile devices and let Builderbox automatically generate the reports for you and help you save some time in the process.

You can also access Builderbox App on your mobile browsers using the following URL-

Click here to learn how to add issues and punch list items to a Job Walk List

Click here to learn how run QA, QC and Safety inspections using the Auditor app

Click here to learn how to post project status using the Builderbox mobile app

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