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How to Get Your Own Builderbox Subscription When You are Only a Team Member?

In this topic, we'll show you how to get your own Builderbox subscription when you are only a team member.
  1. Click on the profile image located on the top right corner of the Builderbox screen.

  2. Click on My Account.

  3. Click on the Manage Subscription tab.

  4. Click on the here link.

  5. To get the Advanced Plan click on the Try it Free for 14 Days! button located under the Advanced Plan.

  6. Enter your company name in the Company Name input box and then click on the Continue button.


  7. Select the number of users and then click on the Continue button.

  8. Enter the card number in the Number input box.

  9. Select the card validations from the drop-down.

  10. Enter the security code in the Code input box. 

  11. Click on the Continue button.

  12. You will be assigned a Builderbox subscription and now you will be Super Admin for your newly added company on Builderbox.

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