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Manage Project Storage Space (Memory)

In this topic, we'll show you how to manage the Project Storage Space (Memory).

Note: Builderbox offer a way to manage storage space allocation at the Company Level and at the Project Level. The storage space assigned to every subscription is at account level, meaning; the Super Admin gets the storage space. The Super Admin can decide to distribute the storage space however they see fit.
You (a Super Admin) can create multiple companies under your account and add multiple projects under each company. You can use Company storage Space settings to allocate storage space to different companies under your account and later distribute that storage space among different projects using the Project Storage Space settings.

From the Settings > Storage Space

  1. Click on the profile image located on the top right corner of the Builderbox screen.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click on Storage Space, listed on the left navigation.

  4. To update the project memory click on the Edit icon located next to the project name.

  5. Click in the Total Allocated Space input box and update the project storage space / memory.

  6. Click on the Update icon.

  7. Click on the OK button. The project allocated space (memory) will be updated successfully.

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