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How to Revise RFI Questions

In this topic, we'll show you how to revise RFI questions. The reviewers have the ability to revise RFI questions before it is sent forward in the workflow.

  1. Click on the Requests For Information module from the left navigation.

  2. Click on the RFIs category and select Requests for Review from the drop-down.



  3. Click on the Actions menu drop-down located next to the RFI No.


  4. Click on View.

  5. Click on the Revise and Send Forward All the reviewers get an option to revise the RFI questions before it is sent forward. Please note that the questions can be revised as long as a response is not added.


  6. Click on the Yes button.


  7. Click in the Question box and update the existing question.


  8. Click on the Add New Question button.


  9. Click on the Question text box and enter a request/question here.

  10. Click on the Attach Files drop-down, select the Attach From Computer option and select the files that you want to attach with the RFI.
    Note: You can also attach files from other cloud file storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, ShareFile or One Drive. When you choose to attach files from a cloud service the system will ask for your permission to connect with the file storage service of your choice. 


  11. Click on the Save & Approve button.


  12. Click on the Yes button when prompted. The RFI will be revised and approved successfully. An email notification will be sent to the RFI author and others based on their Notifications Settings.


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