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Add New Meeting Minutes

In this topic, we'll show you how to add new Meeting Minutes

From the Meeting Minutes Module

  1. Click on the Meeting Minutes module from the left  navigation.

  2. Click on the Add New Meeting Minutes link. In case you have already added few Meeting Minutes, you will see a Meeting Minutes table in place of a blank screen. You can use Add Meeting Minutes button located on the top right corner to add new meeting minutes.

  3. Enter the Meeting Name in the text box.

  4. Click in the Attendee Companies input box and enter a company name.

  5. Select the company from the auto suggested list.


  6. Click on the Attendees input box.

  7. Select the check boxes located next to the team member names and then click on the Update button.


  8. Add meeting Date and Time.


  9. Enter an agenda in the Agenda text box.
  10. Click on the Add information icon.


  11. Enter the Discussion and Conclusion.


  12. Click on the edit icon and enter the action item in the Action Item text box.

  13. Click on the Save icon.

  14. You can choose to post the Meeting Minutes Action Items directly to the Tasks Module and track them there. To post an Action Item to the Tasks Module, click on the Post to Task icon located in the Action Item’s row. The action item will be added as a task in the Tasks Module.
    Note: Once posted, the Action Item won’t have any direct connection with the Meeting Minutes and it can be managed and tracked independently in the Tasks Module.


  15. Click on the Save button.

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