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Filter Job Walk Items

In this topic, we'll show you how to filter the job walk items to match your filtering criteria.

From the Job Walk Page

Filter by Tag                                                                                                  

  1. Click on Job Walk module from the left navigation.

  2. Click on the Job Walk items category list and select All Items category.

  3. Click on the Job Walk filter drop-down.

  4. Select a tag from the list. All the Job Walk items tagged with the selected tag will be listed.



  5. Click on Remove filter icon to remove the filter from the list.


 Filter by Date

  1. Click on the date filter drop down.

  2. Select a rage of dates and click on the Apply button.

  3. All the Job Walk items created between the date ranges selected in the previous step will be listed. You can also choose to filter by the date ranges when the Job Walk items were closed. You can do this by selecting the Date Closed option (instead of Date Created option) from the dropdown in the previous step.

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