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Edit Job Walk Items

In this topic, we'll show you how to edit the job walk items.

From the Job Walk Page                      

  1. Click on Job Walk module from the left navigation.

  2. Click on the Job walk category dropdown.

  3. Select My Assigned Item.

  4. Select a job walk item from the list that you want to edit.

  5. You can edit job walk item details from here. Lets edit the Assignee, Due Date, Attachment and Group fields.
  6. Click on the Add Assignee icon located in the right side of the page under Item Details.        

  7. Change an assignee by clicking on the radio button then click on the Assign button.                              


  8. Click on the Due Date icon and change the Due Date from the calendar.


  9. Click on the Attachment icon.

  10. Select the Attach From Computer option and attach file(s).

  11. Click on More Details link.


  12. Click on Group drop down and change the group.


  13. The Job Walk item will be edited successfully.

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