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Map the Libraries for the External Companies

In this topic, we'll show you how to map the libraries for the External Companies in your projects. This feature allows Project Admins to setup the default values for various fields in the forms for specifics companies. For instance, you can prepopulate a list of Workpackages or Specification Sections for a specific company on your project. All the documents that have Workpackage or Specification Section (RFIs, Submittals etc.), will automatically prepopulate the fields based on the Company name selected in the form.

From the Settings > External Companies

  1. Click on the profile image located on the top right corner of the Builderbox Screen.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click on External Companies, listed on the left navigation.

  4. Click on the Select Project drop down.

  5. Select the project, from the Select Project drop down.

  6. For example, we will show you how to map the Workpackage library with an External Company.

  7. Click on the Workpackage Mapping icon.

  8. Click on Add New Item button.

  9. Enter the Workpackage Name.

  10. Click on the Save button A new Workpackage will be added to the Workpackage Library.

  11. Select the check box inline with the Work Packages. Also click on the radio button listed next to the check box to make this Workpackage, the default.


  12. Click on the Save button.

  13. The Work Packages will be mapped with External Company in the project.


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